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Two New Google Pixel’s With HTC R&D Input Set To Be Released In October

The benefits of the acquisition of HTC’s research and development team is set to revealed for the first time in a new Google Pixel smartphone that the big search Company is banking on to lift them into the serious end of the smartphone market when they launch new models in October.

Among the new range is set to be a “Pixel 3” and a Pixel 3 XL which will come with an edge-to-edge screen, except for a thicker bezel known as a chin at the bottom of the phone claims Bloomberg.

The display also will have a notch — or a cut out — at the top. The smaller model will look similar to the Pixel 2 and won’t include the notch or edge-to-edge look. The bigger Pixel will include two camera lenses on the front of the phone inside of the notch, one of the people said. Both models will include upgraded, single-lens cameras on the back. The latest iPhones include dual cameras on the back to allow for sharper zooming in and to create a blurred background in photos. Google’s phones create this effect using a single lens and optimized software.

Alphabet is banking that the new devices which will be built by Foxconn will lift Google’s fortunes in the smartphone market.

According to insiders the notch, or cut-out, at the top of the new larger Pixel’s screen won’t be as wide as a similar feature on the iPhone X, but is noticeably taller. They claim that Google aims to eventually remove the bezels completely in a future Pixel but is retaining the notch and chin this year to keep stereo speakers on the front of the phone, the people said.

Currently Google is discussing ranging with carriers and retailers, with some questioning the value of ranging the new models because of the limited success of prior models. The clincher could be the marketing dollars that Google is set to throw at revitalising their smartphone brand.

Bloomberg said that Google’s Pixel smartphones are widely regarded as some of the best Android-based devices, but they continue to lag far behind Apple’s iPhone and products from Samsung.
Last year Google shipped fewer than 4 million units according to IDC data.

That compares with 216 million iPhones shipped in the same period. Google intends to keep updating its Pixel line annually as it sees the hardware division as important to the company’s long-term future.

What is not known is whether Google will use their Pixel launch to release an upgraded Android operating system that takes advantage of greater artificial intelligence capabilities. Google wants the operating system to be able to conduct more tasks without action by users.

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