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Apple Look To Overtake Samsung In 2021 OLED Smartphone Shipments

Judging by figures from the first six months of 2021, Apple look likely to overtake Samsung in total amount of OLED smartphones shipped in 2021.

UBI Research showed that, of the total OLED smartphone panel shipment, between 60 million units to 64 million units were used by Apple, compared to 55 to 56 million units by Samsung.

This makes sense, as Apple gears up for the launch of the iPhone 13.

In terms of types of OLED panels, Apple only uses the flexible (and more expansive) OLED panels in its products, while Samsung uses flexible and rigid, ordering 42 million of the lower-end panels, which the company uses in its cheaper smartphones.

Apple also buys OLED panels from both Samsung Display and LG Display, while Samsung only orders from its own Samsung Display.

Apple has raised its component orders across the board for 2021, ordering enough for 90 million units, which is 20 per cent higher than the 75 million units it ordered for iPhone 12.

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