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Apple In Strife As Troll Lands $600M In BlackBerry Patents

BlackBerry have sold their legacy patents covering mobile technologies for $600 million to Catapult IP Innovations.

Covering their non-core patent assets, the deal could cause trouble for Apple, as they have been sued previously by BlackBerry for alleged patent infringements. Now, with the patents being sold to Catapult, who are considered a nonpracticing entity (NPE), they could use them to sue other phone makers for patent infringements.

Known as patent trolling, this is when a business uses patents and the courts to earn their money, basically meaning Catapult could use the BlackBerry patents to demand royalties or straight out sue companies for patent infringement.

BlackBerry will receive $450 in cash and a promissory note for $150 million, while Catapult will receive BlackBerry’s patents regarding mobile devices, messaging and networking IPs.

BlackBerry stress that the sale will not have any effect on their customers using their services or products.

The deal is still going to have to pass regulatory conditions in the US and Canada, which could take up to 210 days.

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