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Apple Could Use iPhone Camera & Sensors For Health Measurement

Apple could utilise the front-facing camera and sensors of the iPhone to produce health measurements including blood pressure and body fat.

A patent recently awarded to Apple depicts a system where the camera and the proximity sensor would emit light into a body part making physical contact with the device, then compute an individual’s health data based on the light reflected back to the camera, proximity sensor and/or ambient light sensor.

9to5Mac notes that the measurements that can be taken based on the camera and light sensor of an existing iPhone include “oxygen saturation, pulse rate, perfusion index and a photoplethysmogram (which can monitor breathing rate and detect circulatory conditions like hypovolemia).”

Additional sensors that may be incorporated into a future iPhone could signficantly expand the capabilities of the device to provide information on health, wellness and fitness.

Apple said in the patent that the data could include “a blood pressure index, a blood hydration, a body fat content, an oxygen saturation, a pulse rate, a perfusion index, an electrocardiogram, a photoplethysmogram, and/or any other such health data”.

No information has been disclosed about whether the features described in the patent will actually be included in a future iPhone.

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