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Apple Confirms Mac Pro & Pro XDR Display

Apple has finally confirmed a release date for the highly anticipated Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, which at this stage is being launched in the US first before global distribution.

Australian fanboys may have to wait even longer before it arrives down under, unfortunately, with no date yet announced for the local release.

The Apple Mac Pro will be going head to head with the recently launched ConceptD lineup of content creation computers from Acer.

With the Apple workstation being considerably more expensive at US$6000, it is already double the cost of the Concept D 500 which retails for A$7,049.00.

That being said, the currently US exclusive Concept D 900 will reportedly retail for upwards of US$19,999.

The US Apple site seemingly didn’t get the memo since it still reads, ‘Coming This Fall’ with an option to be notified about its release.

The US$5999 Mac Pro model will sport an 8-core Intel XEON W processor, Radeon Pro 580X, 32GB of RAM and a 25GB SSD.

The US$4,999 32-inch Pro Display XDR will also be released alongside, sporting a 6K display and over 20 million pixels.

It will be configurable to up to 1.5TB of RAM, Radeon Pro Vega II Duo graphics and a 28-core Xeon processor. Wow.


Though curiously enough on both the US and Australian sites, you can still pick up the Trash Can Mac Pro model.

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