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Apple Again Tops Interbrand Rankings As Tech Brands Dominate

Apple has again topped Interbrand’s global brand rankings, claiming the number one position for the fourth year in a row, with tech brands dominating the top 10 of the brand consultancy’s 2016 Best Global Brands report.

Interbrand found that Apple’s brand value grew by 5 per cent to US$178,119 million, while, also for the fourth year in a row, Google claimed the number two position, with its brand value rising 11 per cent to US$133,252 million.

Other tech companies ranked in the top 10 were: Microsoft (fourth, with its brand value up 8 per cent to $US72,795 million), IBM (sixth, with its brand value falling 19 per cent to US$52,500 million), Samsung (seventh, with its brand value growing 14 per cent to US$51,808 million) and Amazon (eighth, with its brand value up 33 per cent to US$50,338 million).

Facebook’s brand value grew 48 per cent to US$32,593 million, with it claiming 15th position, with Huawei another notable performer, with its brand value growing 18 per cent to US$5,835 million, with it claiming 72nd position.

“It’s clear the best global brands are not just weathering change, but driving it,” Jez Frampton, Interbrand global chief executive officer, commented.

“They understand their anatomy of growth is complex, unique and personal; they look inward and outward, expand into new markets, and create better experiences to grow their brands and businesses.”

With a combined total value of US$1,796,384 million, the value of the top 100 brands increased 4.8 per cent from 2015.

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