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Anti Retail Advertising, Mosman Mayor Candidate Described As “Hypocrite”

It appears that Mosman Councillor Simon Menzies who is having another crack at trying to become Mayor of the top end of town municipality, has suddenly fallen in love with questionable signage after running a campaign against retailers and their local bus signage in the past.

After plastering his car in political slogans similar to signage he wanted to ban in Mosman, the controversial Councillor who is standing as an Independent appears to be happy to campaign on double standards.

Menzies own car is painted in glaring two tone blue and he can be seen driving around Mosman’s Spit Road and along Balmoral Beach as he spruiks votes in Mosman.

This is the same Mosman councillor, who campaigned for Mosman council to ban advertising on bus shelters away from Military and Spit roads, because according to him it destroys the character of Mosman.

Menzies was also anti bus shelters and retail store advertising. He also object to local store signage.

These bus shelters are often used by the likes of Bing Lee, JB Hi Fi and Harvey Norman to advertise local retail stores.

He once described bus signs around Mosman as “visual pollution”.

He claims signage in Mosman is “ugly and ruins the character of residential streets”.

His bid to stop signage similar to what’s now plastered all over his own car failed to win support with Mosman Council.

He has not said whether he got permission for the signage on his car from the local Council.

Not only is he not happy with bus signage he has also taken exception to a mural on a local coffee shop.

Menzies who appears to have set up his campaign to become Mayor of Mosman at the bar of the local bowling club, likened the mural, which depicted coffee beans and a mug, to Mosman being “amalgamating with Newtown”.

Mosman Heirloom Espresso owner Marcel Ghabbar wanted to spruce up his cafe’s blank exterior wall in Canrobert St and found a mural artist to turn his idea into reality.

Menzies seen when the mural was being painted.

“I thought this would make a nice canvas for a bit of tasteful art and I got linked up with a really talented mural artist — he’s a friend of a friend — and he’s very professional,” he said.

“I like his work so I’m like, I’ll get him to do the mural.

It’s not the first time that the Mosman Councillor has found himself embroiled in controversy.

During past tilts at trying to become Mayor of Mosman he escaped sanction after he was found to have breached the council’s code of conduct when while serving as a director at the local Mosman Rowers he took their database for political purposes.

Two complaints were lodged against Cr Menzies with the Federal Office Of The Australian Information Commission,, alleging he misused the local Mosman Rowers Club email database to send campaign material to members before the council election.

Cr Menzies admitted misusing the database for political purposes and apologised to members.

An independent report into the matter found Cr Menzies guilty of unethical behaviour.

One local retailer described the local councillor as a “Hypocrite”.

They added “His car is ugly and visual pollution, It’s like a bad noddy car,  the Council should move to ban advertising on motor vehicles other than buses”.

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