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Another Microsoft Failure Bites The Dust

Microsoft, who have already written off billions of dollars due to their doomed Windows smartphone’s failing to excite consumers, is now moving to kill off the Lumia brand.

Insiders claim that Microsoft is believed to be planning to replace its Lumia range with a new Surface Phone.

In Australia carriers and retailers are moving to dump stock with one carrier sales executive claiming that “there is simply no interest whatsoever in a Microsoft Windows smartphone”.

Microsoft has even removed the link to buy Lumia smartphones from its US website, and dialled back their presence in other regions.

According to WinBeta, which first broke the news, the source says that the Lumia brand will be totally removed from sale by the end of the year, rather than just having production ceased.

The speculation is that this will make space for the rumoured Surface Phone, a notion corroborated by a pair of now-deleted tweets sent one of Microsoft’s engineering directors, Laura Butler, who wrote “Surface iPhone. ;-)” on September 6, and “Surface Phone not confirmed. :-)” on September 7, in reply to questions.

The firm is thought to be holding an event in October to announce a Surface all-in-one, which is when the phone could be revealed as well, or it might be held back for an event in 2017.

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