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Another Dyson Pipe Dream Announced This Time It’s Home Help Robots

Is this another Dyson pipe dream? After making a name for themselves flogging expensive vacuum cleaners, the Singapore headquartered Company who has upset retailers in Australia by moving to sell direct and via their own stores now wants to flog robots for the home.

Last month it was a move into wearable technology, with a strange looking pair of over-ear headphones that come with an air-purifying mouth visor that some observers said made one look a dork.

its over-ear headphones with an air-purifying mouth visor received mixed reviews online, with “odd-looking” and “dystopian” among the terms used to describe them.

The business has already got into and very quickly got out of the electric car market costing the business millions.

With demand for their fans and a hairdryer waning the UK business now wants to develop robots capable of helping with household chores.

Last night the company announced plans to create a major robotics centre in the UK that will work on new types of domestic robot.

Currently brands such as LG Electronics, Samsung, Apple and Google have all robotic prototypes with several Japanese and Chinese Companies seen as being years ahead of Dyson.

Dyson claims it is investing heavily in developing new technology – and half of the 2,000 people to have joined the company this year are engineers, scientists or coders.

Back in 2018 Dyson rolled out a similar story claiming they had hired over 500 new engineers to work on their new Dyson Electric car.

Dyson had planned to manufacture the electric vehicle at a new factory in Singapore, with the first completed vehicles due to reach customers in 2021 they claimed at the time

At the time they claimed that they were working on three different electric vehicle models.

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