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Ankle Bracelets Coming For Those Not Working From Home

PERTH: They’re really worried in the West about citizens  who decline to quarantine or work from home during the current coronavirus scare.

 The WA Labor  Government is planning to spend $3 million on ankle bracelets and GPS monitoring devices that will enable police to track citizens who flout directions to quarantine or self-isolate at home.

The decision is part of a $91 million package to support government measures to reduce the spread of the pandemic. The $3 million will be used to acquire 200 GPS-enabled ankle bracelets.

This follows the pre-Easter passage of laws that  allow WA police to compel offenders to wear an “electronic monitoring device” while in self-isolation.

The State’s Emergency Management Amendment (COVID-19 Response Act) also permits police to install electronic monitoring devices in an offender’s residence. Individuals who try to remove or interfere with one of the electronic monitoring devices face up to 12 months imprisonment or a $12,000 fine. 

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