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Android Accounted For Half Of Smartphone Sales In Oz Before Holiday Season

50.1 per cent of smartphones sold between September and November last year in Australia ran Android according to recently released data.

The research from Kantar Worldpanel also found that iOS accounted for 46.4% of sales over the same period, while Windows and Blackberry took out the minimal remaining market share with 2.3% and 1.0% of sales, respectively.

While the results appear to be positive news for the Android operating system, iOS managed to take its share of the market with just five iPhone models on sale, compared to a much larger range of Android devices from different manufacturers. Apple launched the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in mid-September, giving the company an added boost in sales numbers.

In the same period last year, Android accounted for slightly more sales in Australia according to Kantar Worldpanel with 53.7%, compared to iOS at 40.5% and Windows at 5.3%. A similar result was also seen in the US, with Android experiencing its sixth consecutive sales decline to 55.3% compared to iOS at 37.1%.

Android remains the most overwhelmingly popular option in many countries according to Kantar Worldpanel’s data, with 93.9% in Mexico, 93.5% in Brazil, 86.5% in Spain and 79.9% in China.

When ChannelNews spoke to Alcatel managing director Sam Skontos late last year, he criticised the methodology behind Kantar Worldpanel’s research which suggested Acer was the #3 smartphone brand at the time.

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