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AMD’s New Range To Trump Nvidia

The new range of AMD graphics cards are set to beat out the offerings from main competitor Nvidia thanks to the incorporation of their brand new Navi 33 GPU. The new cards, which are set to target the entry level/mid-range market, have been reported to outperform Nvidia’s offerings, according to a report by well known PC part leaker, ‘Moore’s Law Is Dead’ (MLID).

Revealing everything he knows so about the new cards, MLID has stated that the Navi 33 is set to boast both better performance and lower power consumption than the GPU in the RX 6900 XT, and that it is likely to feature in the RX 7700 XT. Rumors state that the Navi 33 will be built upon a 6 nm node with a monolithic die that’s sized between 360mm and 460mm squared.

MLID believes that while its unlikely, the Infinity Cache may be as large as 256MB, but is more likely to sit at 128MB.

Credit: Moore’s Law Is Dead

The Navi 33 has been designed to bring the performance of the Navi 21 to lower end GPUs. As a result, the performance is greater at 1080p, largely the same at 1440p and dramatically lower at by keeping4K.

AMD have made conscious decisions to ensure that the Navi 33 is indeed a midrange GPU, by restricting it to 8GB and limiting high end features, ensuring that die size can remain small.

While prices are yet to be confirmed, MLID believes that the target MSRP of the Navi 33 cards will be US$399-US$499. (A$538 to A$673).

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