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Amazon Will Force Oz Retailers To “Step Up”

Russell Zimmerman, Executive Director of the Australian Retailers Association, believes that Amazon will force Australian retailers to “step up”, while voicing his support for the e-commerce giant at Amazon Australia’s first Marketplace Seller Summit in Sydney today.

Zimmerman revealed that most Australian retailers “see Amazon as an opportunity for growth” and “not a threat”.

The Australian Retailers Association has found that most Aussie retailers believe Amazon “will provide an additional revenue stream”.

[Russell Zimmerman]

Zimmerman claims that Amazon’s impending arrival has led to many Aussie retailers “embracing modern technologies”, with eighty-five per cent forecasting that “the future growth of their business is online”.

He affirms that Aussie retailers need to “further streamline and improve” their current business procedures and operations, whilst reminding sellers that “in today’s day and age” if retailers no longer meet consumers needs, customers have an increased ability to “look elsewhere”.

Zimmerman encourages Australian sellers to “step up”, “get excited” and “embrace change”, noting that it is imperative Aussie retailers enter the “international field”.

Despite the current challenging retail climate, Zimmerman believes that Amazon’s entry will enhance the “overall level of service” across Australia’s retail industry.

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