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Amazon Look To Build Robotic Posties

Amazon has designed a robot postman that while being good at taking on dogs, can also open smart locks on doors and enter premises when someone is away from their home.

The autonomous ground vehicles (AGV) will transport parcels from delivery trucks and place them either at your front door or inside your home.

Amazon envisages the bots being owned by a group of neighbours or a building block, where it could charge itself in a communal area such as a garage or lobby.

The new robot was revealed in a US patent application, which also revealed that Amazon drones will use a robotic arm to retrieve items from an on-board storage compartment.

The application outlines some of the technology Amazon hopes to pack into the boxy bots, including lights, imaging and proximity sensors and GPS.

It also outlines systems to open barriers, such as doors, to gain access to properties, garages, delivery lockers and other outbuildings.

The robot if built will have a touch-screen, a keypad, and a biometric scanner so that recipients of packages are able to confirm their identify.

The storage part of the bot could be refrigerated to ensure groceries don’t spoil.

AGV is the creation of Tye Michael Brady, chief technologist at Amazon Robotic, and Ethan Zane Evans, Amazon’s vice president for Twitch Prime, commerce and developer success.

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