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Amazon Launch First Retail Clothing Store

US tech conglomerate Amazon have opened up their first ever clothing store in LA, calling it Amazon Style. The new store will feature brands such as Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Champion and more.

A Wall Street Journal report from last September ignited speculation that Amazon was working on a “department store plan”, that would see the company focus on brick-and-mortar stores, with a focus on technology delivered customer convenience.

Amazon have experience in the physical retail market with a range of physical stores, Whole Foods, and the ‘Just Walk Out’ technology enabled Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh, which are unique for their lack of cashiers.

While Amazon Style does not feature the Just Walk Out tech, and makes use of regular staff, Amazon have implemented the store with a number of different tech features that streamline the shopping experience for customers.

All clothing items feature QR codes that customers are able to scan, enabling them to organize a list of articles they would like sent to the changing room for try on, or straight to the counter for immediate purchase. This prevents customers from having to carry them around. Employees will collect the clothing items and bring them to the change room and let you know when they are ready to go.

Customers are able to also pick clothes on the Amazon.com website to be delivered to the store, eliminating the risk of incorrect sizing or fitment that comes with online shopping. Users are then able to try those articles on, either purchase them or return them right there and then.

Fitting rooms also feature a touch screen interface that allows users to request more clothing or rate the items they have.

While Amazon Style, like all of the company’s retail stores, is not available on Australian shores, it is likely that the company will reach our shores as their retail footprint expands.

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