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Amazon Hires Federal Prosecutors To Quash Counterfeit Sellers

Amazon has further retaliated against knock-off goods being sold from its e-commerce site, with the announcement of a ‘Counterfeit Crimes Unit’ made up of former federal prosecutors and other industry heavyweights.

The e-comm behemoth has warned the unit with take an offensive, than defensive, approach to quash Amazon’s ongoing battle with counterfeiters.

The team is said to be comprised of former federal prosecutors, advanced data analysts and professional investigators who will proactively go up against sellers of counterfeit goods, than just blocking listings.

The news comes after big brands such as Nike ceased selling direct products via Amazon after a rise in numerous imposter and unlicensed knock-off sellers.

Last year, Amazon reportedly spent over US$500 million to fight counterfeit goods, and suspended 6 billion bad listings. Thousands of employees are also said to be working on these efforts.

The news comes as many vendors voice concerns against Amazon’s marketplace over counterfeit and copycat sellers stealing their product designs for a notably reduced price. It accompanies suspicions around sales data privacy for best-seller goods.

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