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Alexa MotoMods In The Works

Alongside a pair of new smartphones, Motorola and Lenovo also announced some additional MotoMods at this year’s Mobile World Congress. However, looking beyond the gamepad and wireless-charger MotoMods announced, the biggest add-on to last year’s Moto Z was only teased.

During the Motorola’s MWC press event, Amazon’s Director of Alexa Voice Service Jon Kirk announced that it would be partnering with Motorola to create a MotoMod that turns your smartphone into a portable Amazon Echo.

In a concept video shown at the event, the MotoMod attaches to the back of the user’s phone and displays a blue backlight to let you know when you’ve activated Alexa.

The company says in it’s blog that “With our Amazon Alexa Moto Mod, you can easily perform everyday tasks while on the go, like controlling your smart home, checking the news, requesting a ride from services like Uber, and more — using just your voice. For example, when you start your commute home, you can ask Alexa to adjust your home’s temperature so it’s comfortable when you get there. Or, you can add milk to your shopping list without ever picking up a pen.”

The Alexa Moto Mod is expected to launch later this year.

Motorola have previously indicated they aim to release a dozen MotoMods a year.

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