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Aldi Dust Off ‘Sandstorm’ For Xmas Ad Campaign

Darude’s 1999 dance hit Sandstorm is arguably biggest now than it ever has been, due to the internet’s adoption of the Finnish club track as a meme.

Aldi is hoping some of that wink-wink nudge-nudge humour will translate to its 2021 Christmas campaign, titled ‘You can’t overcook Christmas’, which features the tune.

“After yet another lengthy period of disruption to ‘normal’ life, Aussies are getting back out into the real world with gusto,” Aldi’s director of marketing Mark Richardson said.

“Shoppers are on the lookout for unique products or great deals that can act as an antidote to the dull ‘sameness’ of lockdowns and restrictions.

“In the lead-up to Christmas, we want to tap into post-lockdown excitement and show what many of us are feeling: this year is the year to go a bit bigger.

“To do this, we’ve created an emotive and upbeat Christmas campaign that is centred on the joy of letting loose. We hope that the ‘You Can’t Overcook Christmas’ call to arms, together with ALDI’s prices and phenomenal range, will energise shoppers to create the best possible Christmas for family and friends this year.”

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