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Alcatel Target Parents With Family Watch

Alcatel is providing parental peace of mind with the reveal of its new family-friendly Alcatel MOVETIME Family Watch 3G (MT30), available exclusively through Vodafone Australia for $180 RRP.

The watch addresses parents’ desire to be aware of their child’s safety and whereabouts while introducing them to connective technology.

The colourful touchscreen watch allows the wearer to send emoji messages with friends, make and receive calls with pre-authorised contracts, and send an SOS via a designated button which will redirect the wearer to a family chat screen.

Friends can be added via Bluetooth and the watch has a cellular connection with up to two days of battery life promised by Alcatel.

The Family Watch is water-resistant up to 1m, dust-proof, IP67 rated and its watch face and wristband can be changed and updated.

Parents can view their child’s whereabouts, contact the watch, create “safe zones” and sends alerts when the child exits the safe zone, and more through the companion TCLMOVE app.


 “As a father, I’m passionate about the launch of the Alcatel MOVETIME Family Watch 3G as it helps give children the independence they crave, and parents the peace of mind they need,” said Sam Skontos, VP and Regional Managing Director of Alcatel South-East Asia and Pacific.

“It takes away the pressure of giving your child their first smartphone so young, and provides them with a device that’s easy and safe for kids to use.”

The Alcatel MOVETIME Family Watch (MT30) 3G is available exclusively in-store and online with Vodafone for $180.

Vodafone offers no lock-in contracts, allowing customers to purchase and pay for the watch across 12, 24 or 36 months with a $10 wearable plan which includes unlimited talk and text and 1GB data.

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