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Air Purifying Headphones From Dyson

Dyson is taking a radical approach to air purifying with a new patent revealing a pair of headphones that could be more effective than a mask at removing pollutants from the air you breathe.

No stranger to products that deal with air, Dyson manufactures several fan products for hot and cold weather and hair dryers, as well as hand dryers found in almost every bathroom (if not a Dyson clone will more than likely be there too).

However, the move into portable air purification is a relatively new and niche market, with the likes of LG and JVC bringing out their own devices for cleaner air.

Unlike LG and JVC, Dyson is looking to create a wearable air purifier that doubles as a pair of headphones.

Headphones that feature speaker assemblies with both a filter and impeller that drives clean air toward your nose and mouth via a front strip that sits in front of your face.

The front strip, when not in use, appears to slide underneath the main headband of the headphones.

Dyson is arguing the benefits of this headphone air-purifying hybrid on the bases that face masks do not filter out smaller nanoparticles and can actually make normal breathing more laborious.

According to the company, most air purifiers still allow unfiltered air to reach the user’s mouth and nose, although even Dyson’s patent will still allow ‘a not-insignificant amount of unfiltered air’.

As with most patents that get released there isn’t always a guarantee it will make it market.

Fortunately, with Dyson being the engineering powerhouse that it is, any technology patent could push innovation both within the company and without.

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