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EXCLUSIVE: GFK PC Data Reveals Winners + Losers In PC Market

EXCLUSIVE: GFK PC Data Reveals Winners + Losers In PC Market

One of the big winners appears to be Acer who after a disasterous 2013 appear to have grown market share in the value end of the market.

While HP is holding share overall they are struggling in several categories, during the past two week Toshiba has seen their share of the $1,000 to $2,000 notebook market fall from 9% in September to 6% in October they were tracking as high as 27% in September.

This say analysts could be because of the launch of the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro which is set to take Toshiba head on in the premium notebook category where Toshiba normally perform better. GFK data does not include JB Hi Fi real time data instead GFK use estimations of sales at the mass retailer. 

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GFK Maret Share Data

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Mobile Computing Data

 In October in the $500 to $600 market HP has three of the top 5 products according to HP sources however it is Asus with their Transformer Book who have snared the top slot.

  In the sub $500 market Acer has five of the top 10 products with Acer taking top spot with their Aspire E5, HP is second with their Pavilion TouchSmart notebook.

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In the $600 to $800 dollar notebook market Asus and Acer are the dominant brands with Toshiba taking two of the top 10 positions with their Satellite products, this has forced the struggling Japanese Company to start discounting out their product range in an effort to grow share.

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Currently Harvey Norman are offering a Toshiba Satellite C50B00G notebook for $647 while HP who only have one product in the top 10 are offering a HP Pavilion 15 N203TV notebook for $598, $49 cheaper than Toshiba.  

 In the $800 to $1000 dollar market Toshiba who have seen a 90% decline in the all in one desktop PC market have three products in the top 10 however it is HP who has taken the top slot.

Taking 8th spot is the new entrant to the PC market Lenovo with their Yoga 2.

 In the desktop PC market between May and October Apple has seen their brand share go from 23% to 25%, their unit share went from 35% in May to 36%.

Hewlett Packard went from 49% brand share in Mat to 45% in October while unit share remained steady hovering between 42% and 41% in October.

The big loser was Toshiba who lost both brand and unit sales are now believed to be getting out of the desktop market.

Toshiba and Hewlett Packard refused to comment on their PC market share.