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Advance Audio + KEF Fail To Defend Price Gouging

Comment: Advance Audio Australia’s price gouging of the Australian market has no defence, and despite our story exposing the overpricing that Australian consumers are being asked to pay for brands such as KEF not one single person has come to their defence.

Simon Zanin the Brand Manager at Advance Audio Australia has refused to come to the defence of his brands which in some cases are up to 50% more expensive than the same products are selling for overseas.

Zanin who appears to be more at home flogging “Love Candles” a business he appears to run outside of his job at Advance Audio appears to have no experience in the top end Hi Fi market.

Simon Zanin Brand Manager At Advance Audio Australia.

Prior to joining his current Company, he was a product marketing manager at ASUS a Company that during the 12 months he worked for the Taiwanese PC maker lost market share in Australia. Prior to that role, he spent time flogging pharmaceuticals as a product manager at Apotex.

He did however get some sound experience at Sony where he worked as an Assistant Product Manager.

He said that one of his key achievements at Sony was that he successfully created the Marketing Positioning Document (weekly analysis highlighting where each of their models were positioned in each of their respective segments in terms of pricing and share vs. other key market models.

This was easy to predict, as Sony during the time that Zanin worked for the Japanese Company, was sinking into a bottomless pit which they are still fighting to get out of today.

Between 2010 and 2012 during the time that Zanin was working at Sony the Company lost market share across their sound and TV business. This led to mass sacking and a total restructure of their business. One of the decisions taken was to outsource distribution of their premium brands to Melbourne based Audio Active a key competitor to Advance Audio Australia.

Our exposure of Advance Audio pricing is not the first time that the Company has been criticised for their pricing of products in the Australian market.

Last year the Company was dumped as the Australian distributor by Control 4 after Adam Merlino the former General Manager at AA walked taking the Control 4 account with him.

At the time, Control 4 products were priced in Australia at up to 40% over what the same product could be purchased for overseas.

Merlino was tipped to take over as the CEO of Advance Audio and Audio Connection a sister Company.