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Acer Snares GPC Asia Pacific IT Retail & Trade Deal

Acer has inked a deal with IT solutions partner, Auslaser Business Solutions, to support GPC Asia Pacific in the delivery of hardware across its network of 500 retail stores, 12 distribution centres and 6,000+ team.

It comes after GPC Asia Pacific sought the service of a trusted provider to service their end-user computing space and support staff.

Back in 2018, the three companies worked together for the deployment of 2,500 Thin Client devices across all of GPC Asia Pacific’s sites, quickly replacing their previous vendor’s end-of-life models.

It comes after Acer replaced a slew of old hardware in GPC Asia Pacific’s corporate offices last year, with 700 of its ultra-form factor desktop PCs and 500 notebooks [compatible with Windows 10].

“Consumers are increasingly looking for instant gratification – the same level of immediacy they’re accustomed to with their phones – so having the most up-to-date hardware in-store was essential for us to deliver a faster and more seamless customer service process,” states Haydn Wise, IT Service Delivery Manager, GPC Asia Pacific.

“On top of this, our in-store branches don’t have a lot of bench space, so we needed sleek devices which could be tucked away, without having to compromise on quality or speed.”

The former deployment of Thin Clients and old hardware retirement across GPC Asia Pacific’s sites was carried out by Acer and Auslaser in four months – significantly faster than the standard 12 – 18 month projected end-to-end deployment of such scale.

“The continuous open communication we had with GPC Asia Pacific and Auslaser has made the process so much more seamless than we imagined,” states Rod Bassi, Sales Director Oceanic Region, Acer.

“At Acer, we pride ourselves on providing hands-on support to our customers whenever they need it and recognise the value of delivering not just the technology itself but the service around it”

“Both are equally as important when it comes to setting organisations up for success.”

Looking forward, GPC Asia Pacific is set to adopt a more mobile hardware environment, leaning on notebooks and tablets than desktops to facilitate remote work.

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