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Acer Australia’s Consumer Monitor Sales Up 245% In Q1

Acer Australia has achieved the No. 1 ranking in consumer and gaming monitors in the country in Q1 2020. According to market research firm IDC, Acer recorded quarter-on-quarter sales growth of 245% in consumer monitors and 36% in gaming monitors.

The COVID-19 crisis drove demand for monitors as more people worked, learned and played online games from home.

“We are thrilled to achieve the number one market share position in both consumer and gaming monitors,” said Gregory Mikaelian, General Manager, Channels and Marketing at Acer Australia.

“This result is a testament to our strong partnerships with leading retailers and distribution partners, as well as our local sales team working around the clock to meet the elevated demand of our monitors brought on from COVID-19 restrictions.”

In particular, Acer’s 24- and 27-inch monitors were hugely popular, as were gaming monitors from its Predator and Nitro brands.

Looking ahead, Acer expects the increased demand for monitors to continue into the second quarter, as consumers continue to embrace remote working, e-sports and online gaming.

In addition, in the last couple of weeks Acer has expanded its range of monitors, which will further drive sales. In June Acer launched the Predator X25 gaming monitor, which boasts a 360Hz refresh rate.

Predator X25

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