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ABS: Oz Retail Sales Slow In September

Local retail sales slumped 1.5% [seasonally adjusted] to $448.6 million from August to September, according to preliminary data from the ABS.

Declines were fared in household goods and food retailing, however, turnover notched well above 2019 levels.

In seasonally adjusted terms, local retail turnover jumped 5.2% in September versus the same time last year.

During September, every state fared retail reductions, with the exception of the Northern Territory.

Preliminary ABS data reveals Victoria is the only state where turnover remains below levels notched in September 2019.

It comes after retail sales slipped 4% in August, following bumper results earlier this year amidst lockdown conditions and panic buying behaviours.

The ABS is slated to release the final monthly estimate on November 4, 2020.


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