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iPhone 12 Reviews: Better Camera, Nice Design But 5G Sacrifices Battery Life

Tech writers finally have the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro in their hands and the reviews are flooding in, with most users chuffed with the design, fast performance, and improved cameras.

Here, ChannelNews rounds up the biggest pluses and disappointing features of Apple’s latest iPhone model.

5G Chews Up Battery

Support for the super-fast 5G network was one of the biggest drawcards for investing in the iPhone 12 series.

Many reviewers found switching on 5G network taxes heavily on the iPhone 12 battery, but not as much as earlier adopters of the super-fast network.

According to a Herald Sun reviewer, 5G speed tests found the iPhone 12 Pro in particular is able to get the best of Telstra’s 5G signals, with download speeds of more than 500 megabits a second.

Apple also allows users the option to switch on 5G only when available at the benefit of battery life.

But this means the iPhone will regularly revert back to 4G often, negating the advantages of owning a 5G phone.

You also need to reboot the phone if you choose the higher 5G use “Allow More Data On 5G” or else it won’t work.

Major Camera Improvements

Many iPhone 12 reviewers were impressed with the phone’s HDR capabilities with a few basic tools which won’t overwhelm amateur users.

An SMH reviewer described the 12 camera as a “stunning upgrade” from the iPhone 11 and heavily praised the new night portrait mode on the 12 Pro.

A big difference between the 12 and 12 Pro camera is the inclusion of the LiDAR scanner for depth sensing, RAW image format and advanced HDR video recording.

The LiDAR sensor allows the camera to lock onto its objects more quickly than ever before, which is a major plus for diehard smartphone photographers.

Preceding its reputation, it seems the iPhone has retained its status as the best smartphone camera on the market with the incredible upgrades on the 12 and 12 Pro.

Sleek Design, Big Screen

There have been no complaints about the modern and stylish design of the iPhone 12 models.

The iPhone 12 Pro is designed with a shiny stainless steel which is a nice upgrade from the previous brushed metal. The matte glass panel on the back also feels pleasant.

The screen size of the standard 12 is 6.1 inches rather than 5.8 and is only one gram heavier than the 11.

A lot of users also feel a lot more secure with the front panel, which has been upgraded to Ceramic Shield glass, which Apple says is four times as crack-resistant as its predecessors.

Many reviewers also noticed the design of the 12 is a nostalgic throwback to the iPhone 5, albeit with thinner sides and a bigger screen.

Hidden Magnetic Feature

A big addition to the iPhone 12 is an hidden magnet on the back which allows the phone to work with Apple’s new MagSafe system.

Apple is hedging its bets phone accessories companies will get onboard with MagSafe, making the iPhone 12 more palatable to a larger market.

MagSafe is an interesting feature but many reviewers found it isn’t really worth the upgrade price-tag if this is the main attraction.

Price Not Worth The Upgrade

While many reviewers praised the iPhone 12 for its camera improvements and big screen, the lofty price tag on even the standard iPhone 12 ($A1,350 for the 64GB) may make it not worth the switch.

A lot of Apple users have questioned the high price for a low-storage phone and the inevitable comparisons of the iPhone 12 with the previous generation iPhone 11 made many wonder if there was any point paying so much more.

“While the upgrades to the display and design are nifty, the iPhone 12 doesn’t feel massively different to the iPhone 11– and doesn’t feel like it outperforms its higher price tag in the same way that phone did,” TechRadar wrote.


The overwhelming majority of reviewers suggest the iPhone 12 is only really worth the upgrade if you are willing to buy the iPhone 12 Pro, which has a raft of better features for around $400 more.

The addition of 5G might be attractive for speed demons but all-in-all it seems many could skip the iPhone 12 in favour of waiting for a more advanced generation with more noticeable upgrades.

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