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Telstra Flogs $10 Movies, Gigs

Telstra Flogs $10 Movies, Gigs
Telstra Flogs $10 Movies, Gigs

Telstra is giving customers $10 movie tickets, “exclusive” access to live music events and the chance to meet with Australian sports stars under its new ‘Thanks’ loyalty program.

Telstra customers can access movie offers with Event, Moonlight and Village Cinemas, including $10 movie tickets and ‘money cant buy’  red carpet premieres, private screenings and behind the scenes access.

Offers inlcude the chance take a walk-on role in ‘Son Of A Gun’, a movie starring Ewan McGregor.

Announced today, the new program has been designed to ‘thank our customers for choosing Telstra,  said Chief Marketing Officer Mark Buckman said.

Rival Optus has been running a similar movie rewards scheme for some time and also recently announced Rockcorps program offering access to exclusive music gigs.

“Our research indicates that our customers rate film, live music and sport among their highest categories of personal interest, so there is no better way to thank them for their loyalty than by offering experiences and benefits that fit in with their lives,’ said Buckman .

The movie offer has been built on Telstra’s partnership with flybuys, announced last year.

For more information about Telstra’s ‘Thanks’ program or to redeem the $10 movie offer, visit Telstra.com.au/movies.