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Wireless Charging Set To Boom

Wireless Charging Set To Boom

Researchers are tipping that the category will deliver growth of 40% in the USA 35% in Australia and 20% in Europe by 2020.

Juniper Research also forecasts a boom in wireless charging stations with carriers now looking at new ways to either charge or give away to existing customers as a free service.

In the short term, however, consumers’ perceptions of the technology, particularly its efficiency compared to wired charging, will likely keep interest relatively low, Juniper Research said company said. 

More mobile devices are implementing wireless charging, including smartphones, tablets, wearables and soon laptops they added.

Last week in Australia Samsung launched a new iPhone 6 Plus and a new Note 5 that are capable of wireless charging.

The forecast growth is encouraging infrastructure providers to begin rolling out charging stations in a way similar to public or customer Wi-Fi. 

The infrastructure “has a key role to play in increasing awareness of the technology, where it can be tried without committing to a purchase,” Juniper said.

 One area of potential growth in the coming years will be the provision of data-based services to go with charging, Juniper said. “While easing ‘battery anxiety’ is a key appeal of the technology, the easy data exchange will in future enable a variety of over-the-air services through the charging points.” 

Added analyst James Moar, “The ability to pinpoint device location through data exchange enables all kinds of location-based activation functions around the home, the car and in the leisure industry.” The report also forecasts that a fifth of all wearable devices will incorporate wireless charging by 2020, enabling new designs because they lack physical connectors.