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A Sub $500 UHD 4K TV To Go On Sale At Aldi, Lowest TV Price Ever

Aldi is set to sell one of their lowest priced 55″ Ultra High Definition television this month, the new 55-inch Ultra HD LED 4K TV will be available at Aldi from Saturday November 15th selling for only $449 dollars.

The new 55-inch smart television has 3840 x 2160 resolution quality, a 4700:1 contrast ratio, and a 60Hz refresh rate. It comes with an built-in PVR recorder and HD tuner with ACR function. The TV will also come with a one-year warranty starting at the date of purchase.

The television is not a High Dynamic Range (HDR) unfortunately, like most newer smart TV’s, but is perfectly suitable for the everyday user. According to Gizmodo the 65-inch smart TV version of the Bauhn was selling for $799 at Aldi back in September. After testing this television researchers concluded that if consumers were to throw in a Chromecast box for just $50 more at the time purchase they would have a 4K capable smart TV.

Aldi expects stock to be very limited given the very low price-tag for this new 4K smart television. Given the nature of the product Aldi suggests consumers get in early to buy. The product is new, under $500 and can play video in 4K definition. What else would a consumer want when purchasing a brand new smart television.

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