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New Apple TV Could Appeal To Casual Gamers

New Apple TV Could Appeal To Casual GamersThe New York Times has reported that Apple is expected to make gaming a primary selling point of the next-gen Apple TV, with its sources stating the device will come with more power for better graphics, a new remote that could double as a controller, and an app store to buy and download games.

While dedicated gamers would be difficult
to lure from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, a move towards casual
gaming however could potentially open up a new market for Apple.

The New York Times’ sources state that the next-gen Apple TV is expected to have a starting price of around US$150, around more than double the cost of the least expensive of the current generation, however well short of the cost an Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

The recent Digital Australia Report 2016
found that video game playing is becoming part of normal media use in Australia, finding that 68 per cent of Australians play video games, showing that the
market continues to become more mainstream, rather than being exclusively inhabited by hard-core gamers.

Ahead of the expected launch of the next-gen Apple TV, it has also recently been reported that Apple could be considering a move into developing original entertainment content programming, with an eye on the video streaming market.

The Apple event is scheduled to take place on September 9, with Apple having set up a webpage via which a live stream can be accessed.