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Gerry Harvey Has A Serious Go At Apple Over Their Tax Lobbying

Gerry Harvey Has A Serious Go At Apple Over Their Tax Lobbying

Speaking after the release of Apple’s Australian accounts, which revealed the tech giant had paid just $80 million in tax despite reaping $6 billion in local revenue, Mr Harvey said companies that paid their fair share of tax were being left without a voice in Canberra.

Both Apple and Google are currently engaging lobbyists to present their tax case to the Federal Government. Records show that Harvey Norman paid more tax than Apple last year despite Apple having bigger revenues. 

Harvey Norman paid $89 million compared to Apple’s $80 million, Harvey Norman also had 75% less revenue than Apple.

Research also shows that during the past 10 years Apple has shifted $8.9 billion in untaxed profits from its Australian operations to Ireland in the past decade, however this loophole is set to be closed resulting in both Apple and Google lobbying the Federal Government for favourable tax treatment.

Gerry Harvey told Fairfax Media “Without mentioning names, there’s a lot of lobbying going on, and they’re presenting their case as if they’ve got a legitimate gripe,” he said.

He added “They [multinationals] have lots of lobbyists in Canberra trying to present their case as to why they shouldn’t be penalised [over tax].”They’re arguing that they should be treated unequally. That’s a very hard argument.”

Harvey who loves to have a crack at issues relating to the Internet, Tax and issues that affect his business claimed that the government was being lobbied by multinational companies – both Australian and foreign – that had an interest in seeing tax laws remain weak, rather than be strengthened. 

“If a company in Australia has to pay tax and the other one doesn’t, of course it’s a disadvantage,” he said. 

“If one person has no voice, and the other person has a voice, that’s a disadvantage.”

He claimed “We need to act with caution, based on evidence and ensure we don’t diminish our already weak competitiveness,” a spokesman said. 

Currently the Australian Tax Office is investigating 10 multinationals operating in Australia, among them are several technology Companies.