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9Now Expands To FetchTV And Playstation 4

Channel Nine has announced that its on-demand streaming platform 9Now has expanded its reach to include audiences watching via Fetch TV and Playstation 4.

It’s a move that will see 9Now increase their digital footprint and further their on-going efforts to reach as many audiences as possible.

“Over the course of 2016 we have worked hard to make sure 9Now is available to Australians regardless of their device or platform,” Niamh Collins, General Manager of Product and Digital Operations at Nine, said.

“Today’s launch on both PlayStation’s PS4 and Fetch TV represents a major jump in the audience reach of our platform and will help us continue to drive growth in the 9Now subscriber base, which currently stands at more than 2.3 million.”

 Fetch TV’s execs were similarly enthused, with CEO Scott Lorson saying “we are thrilled to add 9Now to Fetch TV, rounding out our offering of the full suite of free-to-air catch-up services. Time-shifting is a key component of the free-to-air experience on Fetch TV and one that is greatly valued by our subscribers.”

Meanwhile, 9Now’s expansion to Sony’s platform lays the groundwork for them to arrive with select Sony Smart TVs early next year.

9Now is now available via web browsers, iOS, Android, Telstra TV, HBBTV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast and now Fetch TV, PlayStation 4 and Sony Smart TVs.

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