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Good Looking Tech Catches The Consumer Eye

Good Looking Tech Catches The Consumer EyeAcross 22 countries, a recent GfK survey found that 33 per cent of consumers firmly agree that the look and style of a technology product is very important in deciding which one to buy. Conversely, nine per cent of consumers firmly disagree, with the balance exactly the same for men and women.

Looks and style are most important to those aged 20-29, with 37 per cent strongly agreeing that looks matter in choosing which product to buy, with five per cent strongly against, closely followed by 30-39 year olds (at 36 per cent and 6 per cent, respectively).

Teenagers in the 15-19 age group came in at 34 per cent and 11 per cent, respectively, while the looks and style of tech products declined as a purchase decision priority for those aged 50 and over, with strong agreement coming in at 23 per cent.

Around the world, consumers in Turkey, Mexico and Brazil rated good looking tech as a priority in making purchase decisions, topping all 22 markets.

Consumers in these countries agreed that the look and style of technology is very important in deciding which product to buy (Turkey 49 per cent, Mexico 48 per cent and Brazil 45 per cent), with around a quarter of respondents in each country agreeing completely (Turkey 26 per cent, Mexico 23 per cent and Brazil 25 per cent).

Contrastingly, Sweden, Belgium and Germany have the highest percentage of consumers who disagree that look and style is a priority consideration in making a tech purchase, with 26 per cent of consumers in Sweden firmly disagreeing with the idea, followed by Belgium (22 per cent) and Germany (20 per cent).

Sweden again leads the way when it comes to consumers that don’t agree at all, coming in at 14 per cent, followed Belgium and Germany, both at 10 per cent.

“These findings give our clients the big picture on what different markets and demographics are focusing on in selecting technology products to buy,” GfK global director for telecommunications Arndt Polifke commented.