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4K UHD TV Sales Up As Prices Fall

4K UHD TV Sales Up As Prices Fall

4K TV growth is up with UHD now accounting for 9% of all TV sales, this time last year UHD was an $11M category in Australia according to GFK, this year to date sales have hit $152M.

Samsung is #1 with 45% share followed by LG with 28% share and Sony with 16% share. More than 70 percent of the 4K/UHD TVs sold thus far this year were either 55-inch or 65-inch displays.

At CES 2015 several consumer electronics Companies are set to show new 4K content players which TV manufacturers believe will drive sales even further in 2015.

According to private research seen by ChannelNews consumers believe that OLED 4K technology is the superior 4K TV technology however “pricing” of OLED TV’s has restricted sales. Recently LG Australia who are a leader in the manufacture of OLED display screens have lowered the price of their OLED TV’s in Australia. 

 In the USA sales of UHD TV’s accounted for more than 7 percent of overall revenue of flat-panel TVs through to Oct. 25, The NPD Group said.

 “This has been a year of increased awareness and an evolution in pricing for 4K/UHD TVs,” said Stephen Baker, NPD’s industry analysis VP. “4K/UHD was still very new to the market during 2013 now, we believe it will exceed everyone’s expectations this year as consumers have had a full year to learn about the benefits 4K/UHD brings to the market.” 

In the USA like Australia Samsung took top prize as the market-share leader, capturing 50 percent of unit sales, which Baker attributed to “a variety of competitively priced options, concentrating on the hottest screen size segments.”

 Sony took second place, with 25 percent, followed by LG with 11 percent each. 

Baker added: “As holiday promotions get underway, this year will be the critical point for 4K/UHD to begin to claim its position as the ‘must have’ premium TV experience. The right pricing combined with increased awareness will be essential for success.

Overall UHD prices have fallen 10 percent in Australia during the past 12 months according to GFK.