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Yamaha Breathes Life Into Hi Fi Category

Yamaha Breathes Life Into Hi Fi Category

The launch of two network-capable models at the more affordable end of the CD player and stereo receiver categories, signals a change in direction for the Hi Fi market because now everyday functionality and use can team up with traditional, top-end Hi Fi performance. 

The CD-N301 Network CD Player has a range of features including AirPlay, app control, high-resolution music streaming from network sources, Internet Radio (vTuner), and music streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify. This makes it more than a dedicated CD Player because it gives you access to a good range of entertainment options via network connectivity. 

Product manager for Yamaha, Justin d’Offay said: “The CD-N301 redefines the stand-alone CD Player of today. We are seeing an evolution of the CD Player in becoming an all-encompassing source capable of delivering high-fidelity content.” 

The second new product from Yamaha is its R-N301 Stereo Receiver which introduces network functionality at an affordable price point. This receiver produces trademark Yamaha sound, but you can wirelessly stream music from portable devices via the NP Controller app or AirPlay for Apple users. You can also access high-resolution audio sources and streaming services, including Pandora and Spotify. 

The R-N301 is equipped with both optical and coaxial terminals. The inclusion of digital inputs enables you to connect to sources such as a Blu-ray Player or TV – retaining audio quality by utilising the DAC of the R-N301 to deliver movies and TV programs with dynamic sound. 

The CD-N301 is available now and retails for $649 while the R-N301 retails for $599. Both models are backed by a two year warranty and come in either silver or black finishes. For more information go to www.yamaha.com.au