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Retailers Set To Sell New Oculus VR Headset In 2016

Retailers Set To Sell New Oculus VR Headset In 2016

Several consumer electronics retailers have said that they are interested in selling the device which at this stage appears to have no Australian distributor, the device will go on sale early in 2016.

Up to date consumer have been buying Oculus products direct with the product supplied from stock held in Country. 

The new Rift headset which is set to be shown next week in the USA has been modified compared to the version used by developers to make it more suitable for consumers.

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The Company has also cut a deal with Microsoft to allow it to work natively with Windows 10 devices as well as for streaming games from the Xbox One into the headset.

The Rift is a fabric-covered headset that uses the same basic design as earlier models, but in a curved and lightweight frame. Inside, the single large display has been replaced by two OLED screens with low persistence to minimize motion blur, though the resolution has yet to be confirmed, while the front Constellation Tracking System on the front works with a desk-based camera to capture the movement and physical position of the wearer. 

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One major change this time is the inclusion of built-in headphones, which the user can switch out for their own headset. As for altering the internal lenses, under the headset is a slider for altering the interpupillary distance to match the wearer’s distance between the eyes. 

As part of the Microsoft partnership, it will include a wireless Xbox One controller and wireless PC receiver with the Rift headset when it goes on sale. 

While Windows 10 will include support for it at launch, it will also take advantage of the Xbox One’s ability to stream to a desktop computer, showing a virtual living room within the headset. 

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A number of games that will be available for the Oculus Rift were shown off at the launch event, with CCP’s EVE Valkyrie and Edge of Nowhere from Insomniac Games working on the platform. To foster development, Oculus Share will allow developers to try out the productions of other teams, while a $10 million development fund has also been set up to support indie game developers. 

While the Xbox One controller is good for gaming, the company is still working on solving the input issue for VR. A prototype of Oculus Touch was previewed, with mirrored “Half Moon” controllers for each hand offering buttons, triggers, and a thumb stick for traditional gameplay inputs. The controllers also have inertial and 360-degree motion tracking, and can also provide haptic feedback. 

The Rift headset which will be going on sale in the first quarter of next year is set to be a major attraction at CES 2016.