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Edifier Has Another Crack At The Australian Sound Market

Edifier Has Another Crack At The Australian Sound Market

The Company who for years have delivered cutting edge designs for their sound gear has struggled to get traction inside Australian retailers primarily because of poor representation. 

Now the Company has appointed Melbourne base distributor Audion Innovision to represent them in Australia while also having a crack at trying to sell direct from an International web site that is offering free shipping to Australia. 

A press release syndicated earlier today states that the Company is a prominent designer and manufacturer of high-end consumer audio electronics for both the consumer and multimedia markets, when in reality they are an excellent mid-market player who in the past have delivered affordable speakers wrapped around cutting edge design.

Their stand at CES is one of the most impressive yet despite this the major retailers have failed to stock their range of speakers. 

The Company is now trying to engage with gaming, music and lifestyle audiences through social media, online media, influencers and strategic partnerships in Australia in an effort to generate interest in the brand.

“Australia has been good to us in the past. We had strategic alliances that allowed us to be present in Australia 6 years ago and we know there are many loyal fans of the brand here so we decided to rethink our strategy and develop a more direct relationship with our customers. ,” said Audrey Anne Felix, Marketing Director, Edifier International Ltd.

Edifier has developed an online store at Edifier.com/au. Shipping to Australia is free the Company said. 
 Audion Innovision is the exclusive distributor of Edifier products in Australia. The Company that has little profile in the consumer electronics market claims to have been operating in the Australian market for 20 years. The Company will manage all of Edifier’s retail relationships and work towards developing new channels for the brand across Australia Edifier claims. 

“Audion Innovision was the first distributor for Edifier in Australia and we are confident that the market is going to welcome the brand warmly. Edifier has continued to develop proprietary high quality audio products at affordable prices while providing the customer with unparalled listening experience. With a series of award-winning products under their belt, we are very excited at the prospect of bringing this brand to the Australian market,” said Max Nazifi, Product Manager, and Audion Innovision.