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Dell Gives HP A Whacking

Dell Gives HP A Whacking

At the Dell World conference in Texas, founder Michael Dell told reporters he had been shocked to hear of H-P CEO Meg Whitman’s decision to separate PC and printer businesses from its corporate hardware and services operation

“I was pretty surprised. I still am surprised, especially after they said they wouldn’t do that – and all the reasons why they said they shouldn’t do it,” said Dell.

Dell explained why he thought it was a wrong move, highlighting the confusing messages the company gave its customers. First, H-P hired a new CEO who said the company wouldn’t split, issued a press release stating why it should definitely not split and then “proceeded to do it and lose the most share they ever lost in any quarter”.

Asked whether he stands by the idea that a company should remain as one, Dell simply responded “yes”. There’ll be no Dell split – and now that it’s gone private, probably never will be.