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Adventure Tech + 4K To Drive Sales Running Into Xmas Says CEA

Adventure Tech + 4K To Drive Sales Running Into Xmas Says CEA

According to the trade association’s midyear “Sales and
Forecasts” report, wholesale revenue from such new-tech categories as wearables,
connected-home devices, drones, 3D printers and 4K UHD TVs will add about $10
billion to total CE coffers this year.

Excluding emerging tech’s contribution, industry revenue
would fall year over year, CEA industry analysis senior manager Chris Ely said.

CEA also lowered its full-year forecast from the 3 percent
growth projected in its January report due to “slow economic growth in the
first half of the year.”  

Breaking out emerging tech, connected-home revenue is
expected to grow 32 percent to $967 million; factory sales of drones will grow
52 percent to nearly $105 million, with shipments nearing 700,000 units; and
health and fitness products will lead all wearables in unit volume with a
projected 21 percent increase, to some 20.3 million devices, spurring an 18
percent increase in wholesale sales, to $1.8 billion.

In 4K UHD, unit factory shipments are projected to hit 4.4
million this year, up a whopping 210 percent, with wholesale revenue more than
doubling to $5.3 billion.

“Consumer technology is about constant and continuous
innovation and that is what we are seeing in 2015,” said CEA president/CEO,
Gary Shapiro. “As the technology industry naturally ebbs and flows, a new class
of tech is generating lots of enthusiasm among consumers. Emerging categories
such as 4K Ultra HD, smart home, and health and fitness technology are the
breakout stars driving the industry onward and upward.”

Meanwhile, the legacy categories of smartphones, tablets,
LCD TVs, laptops and desktops remain the industry’s five-largest revenue
generators, responsible for more than half (53 percent) of total tech sales
with combined revenues of $119 billion.

 CEA’s consensus
forecast reflects U.S. factory sales to dealers and covers more than 100 CE
products. The projected full-year revenue figure of $285 billion accounts for
retail mark-up; excluding that, wholesale sales are expected to hit $222.7
billion this year. Looking ahead, CEA expects industry sales to grow by 2.7
percent in 2016, with revenues reaching an all-time high of $228.8 billion.