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ASUS Aim For #3 Slot In PC Market Move Into OZ Smartphone Market 2015

ASUS Aim For #3 Slot In PC Market Move Into OZ Smartphone Market 2015

Asustek Computer who is known as ASUS in Australia aims to
take on Acer in an effort to snare the #3 slot in the PC market worldwide, they
are also set to enter the Australian budget, smartphone market next year.

Also set to enter the Australian smartphone market in March
2015 is Lenovo with a range of top end and value products from Motorola. 

Asus who have had a lot of success in Australia in the value
market, plan ship at least 22.1 million notebooks to have the third-largest
global market share next year, with more than 30% of the shipments to be
low-cost Transformer Book T100, T200, EeeBook-series and Chromebook models.

The move to the mid to value end of the market comes as HP
gets set to launch a new notebook to take on the Yoga 3 Pro that is stripping
share away from the struggling Japanese notebook manufacturer Toshiba who are
tipped to further review their Australian operation next year after pulling out
of 19 of 32 consumer markets around the world.

Another issue for Toshiba is that Lenovo are targeting their
traditional B2B, education market and enterprise resellers to recommend Lenovo
products over Toshiba, this is already starting to have an impact

In 2015, Asustek is planning to release several inexpensive
conventional notebook models to satisfy demand from markets worldwide and
expects these products to also boost its shipment performance for the year,
sources said.

Asustek’s Transformer Book T100 is currently priced at
around $448 in Australia and is expected to contribute strong profits in 2014
due to the Companies control of manufacturing costs.

Asustek also recently launched an 11.6-inch inexpensive
EeeBook model and are looking to attract demand from the entry-level buyer.

Asustek’s 13-inch Chromebook C300 also became available
recently and is expected to snatch demand from existing players such as Acer,
Lenovo and Samsung Electronics, the sources said.

Asustek shipped 18.8 million notebooks in 2013 and the
volume is expected to rise to 20.1 million units in 2014 and grow at least 10%
in 2015, the sources added.