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eBay Forecasts Bumper Sunday Trade

eBay Forecasts Bumper Sunday TradeeBay expects 2.6 million people to visit the site and 1.5 million to visit via a mobile device, with the number of goods purchased via mobile devices expected to be 48 per cent higher than the busiest day of 2013.

Across the entire site, Australians will be purchasing at a rate of six gifts per second, and in total more than half a million purchases will be made over 24 hours, according to eBay projections.

“Mobile shopping is fast approaching 50 per cent of all activity on eBay this Christmas – the shift in buying and browsing behaviour over the past 12 months has been dramatic,” Jo-Ann Hicks, eBay head of customer experience, commented.

“Australians are shopping any time, anywhere and using connected devices to shop on the go, shopping their world whenever inspiration hits.

“The ease of accessibility via multi-screened devices has allowed for shoppers to browse in more convenient time frames, boosting the amount of time and money they spend shopping online.”

PayPal is also gearing up for busy Sunday trade, with mobile again to be a key driver in online purchasing.

“With more Aussies taking advantage of shopping via a mobile device, PayPal Australia expects to see mobile shopping purchases during this peak shopping period increase by almost 50 per cent this year compared to last year,” commented PayPal Australia spokesperson Adrian Christie.