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We’re Saving You Heaps: ACMA


It lists the annual savings as coming from three
sources: a fall in TIO complaints ($3.78 million); reductions in “wrong
contract” problems for post-paid mobile services ($92 million); and – the
whopper – a $449.5 million saving from fewer unexpected high bills for
post-paid services.

ACMA yesterday published its Reconnecting the Customer-Estimation of Benefits
report which makes these and other assessments.

“Since the ACMA shone the spotlight on telco customer service through the
RTC inquiry and the registration of the TCP code, telcos have improved customer
service, reduced complaints, ramped up compliance, reigned in unexpectedly high
bills and allowed customers to make more informed choices about mobile phone
plans and pricing,’ said ACMA chairman Chris Chapman.

“Consumers now have a lot more money in their pockets due to a reduced
likelihood of being on the wrong contract or experiencing bill shock.

“‘Furthermore, the report goes on to note that the $545 million in annual
consumer savings is likely to be spent elsewhere, delivering benefits to other
areas of the economy.”