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Samsung Adds To Wireless Audio 360 Range

Samsung Adds To Wireless Audio 360 RangeThe R5, R3 and R1 omni-directional speakers will be on display at IFA, sporting a new built-in tap-and-swipe user interface, along with further connectivity options courtesy of Samsung’s updated Multiroom app.

The new models join Samsung’s R7 and R6 speakers in its Wireless Audio 360 line-up, with Samsung stating they offer a combination of “high-quality, balanced sound, and premium table-top design”.

Samsung states the new interface provides for a more intuitive user experience, allowing users to change settings “with a gentle touch, tap or swipe on top of the speaker”.

Meanwhile, the Multiroom app for Android and iOS smartphones provides for wireless control, with the app now also working with Samsung’s Gear S smartwatch and will additionally work with Samsung’s upcoming next-gen smartwatch.

“Smartwatch functionality includes immediate control of music playback and volume control, as well as playlist and queue searching,” Samsung states. “Users can also view the ‘now playing’ screen and access a list of available speakers, all with a simple swipe of their smartwatch.”

Samsung has also partnered with online, high-fidelity music service Qobuz to make its high-resolution streaming services available on Samsung audio devices.

“With these additional models, we are bringing a new kind of high-quality sound to the market, with design that is simple, yet premium, and offers a more intuitive user interface,” Jurack Chae, Samsung Electronics senior vice president of the visual display business, commented of the new releases.

Samsung states the new models will be available in the US and European markets in the 2015 last quarter, with prices ranging from US$199 to US$399, with more news on regional availability to be announced in the coming months.