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Australian Online Shoppers Buying Local

Australian Online Shoppers Buying LocalIn the 12 months to September 2014, 38 per cent of Australians 14-plus bought one or more products over the internet in an average four week period, with 64 per cent purchasing locally, while 39 per cent bought from overseas websites.

Out of 51 product categories, video games and consoles, ebooks, and TV show downloads were among only six categories that Australians more commonly purchase from overseas websites.

The Roy Morgan figures show computer accessories and software is also a popular category for overseas purchases.

Ebooks and books are the most popular items bought from overseas online retailers, which Roy Morgan noted is “no doubt due to the low prices offered on websites like Amazon and the Book Depository compared with those of Australian retailers”.

In all other product categories local websites came out on top, with the top-selling products locally tickets to movies, shows and other events.

“There’s no doubt about it: the internet has revolutionised the way we shop, giving us unprecedented access to the global marketplace,” commented Geoffrey Smith, Roy Morgan Research general manager.

“But in great news for Aussie online retailers, the majority of Australians prefer to buy from local rather than overseas websites.”