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GoPro Could Sell Drones Next Year

GoPro Could Sell Drones Next YearThe move would see GoPro, which in June this year filed an initial public offering and this month a follow-on public offering, expanding into a new market from its current camera business.

The WSJ has reported people familiar with the plans as stating GoPro will be aiming for a price tag of between US$500 and US$1,000 for the multi-rotor helicopters.

It may be that GoPro is looking to mitigate potential loss of future business by becoming directly involved in the drone market.

While GoPro is already a supporting player in the market, providing many of the cameras that consumer drones carry, market-leader SZ DJI Technology Co. of China recently started selling devices that come with its own in-house cameras, the WSJ reported.

GoPro posted strong third quarter results at the end of last month, reporting revenue of US$280 million, up 45.7 per cent year-on-year, and net income of US$14.6 million, up from a loss of US$1.1 million year-on-year.