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EXCLUSIVE: Telstra Management Report “Massive Failure” For Sony Xperia Z3

EXCLUSIVE: Telstra Management Report "Massive Failure" For Sony Xperia Z3

ChannelNews has been told that “hundreds” of Sony Xperia smartphones have “gone dead” within days of the device being activated on the Telstra network.

Telstra management who spoke to ChannelNews on the basis that we did not reveal their identity said that Sony were well aware of the issue as they had replaced the problem devices. 

Sony who has a track record of trying to manipulate the media is refusing to acknowledge the problem.

Initially ChannelNews spoke to Joshua Velling Account Director for Telstra at Sony Mobile Communications.

He did not deny the failure.

He said “I cannot make a comment on this issue, I have to pass you onto our PR Company Hausmann”. 
A spokesperson for Hausmann said after contacting Sony, “Sony does not comment on rumours or speculation”.

ChannelNews has been shown Telstra incident reports relating to the problem.

The issue is believed to have arisen in the second quarter of 2015 when Sony Mobile Communications only managed to sell 14,350 units.  

New smartphone sales figures issued by IDC reveal that Sony, only managed to sell 14,350 of their current model between April and June Vs 797,661 Apple iPhones and 760,001 and Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

The Company is not saying whether their biggest customer Telstra stopped ranging the Xperia smartphone until the problem was fixed.

Telstra store managers said that there was a period when there was “no new Xperia smartphones available” in stores as Sony moved to fix the problem.

The Sony Xperia 3 has been a problem smartphone for Sony. Issues reported around the world include, touchscreen unresponsive or glitchy, Texts won’t send, there has also been overheating problems.

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Other problems include a bug, where no notifications appear on the lock screen, rapid battery drain, call and notification volume too low, Wi-Fi slow, won’t connect, or dropping
Issue and the Z3 failing to turn on.

A Telstra manager said The XperiaZ3 has been a problem smartphone from day one. We have had constant problems. One of the biggest was when customers took the device home and then found that it would not switch on. We simply sent them back to Sony who supplied a replacement Xperia Z3.

We are still waiting for a response from Telstra.