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Vodafone Tackles Bill Shock, Unveils Plan Shake-Up

Vodafone Tackles Bill Shock, Unveils Plan Shake-UpFrom today, all new Vodafone business and
consumer prepaid and postpaid voice plans will include unlimited
standard national calls and texts, as opposed to “talk value”

chief marketing officer Loo Fun Chee noted that bill shock
“continues to be a nightmare for some Australian consumers”.

telco industry has long been criticised for its complicated products,
some of which were introduced before the new millennium,” Chee stated.
“Including unlimited standard national calls and texts in all of our new
plans makes calling or texting as simple as it should be.”

has also introduced a new initiative for international calls, providing
automated overage for standard international calls to selected

Under the initiative, customers who exceed their
international call inclusions will be topped up automatically with
another 60 minutes of standard international calls inclusions to
selected countries, charged at a flat rate of $6.

With data usage
on the rise, Vodafone has additionally introduced Data Control,
designed for users who are sharing data inclusions. Data Control
provides the primary user the ability to turn data on and off on their
smartphone via the MyVodafone app, helping to regulate data usage.

Vodafone states Data Control will be available by the end of the month.

another initiative aimed at data users, Vodafone states it has upped
the data usage allowance across a number of its plans, including its
$100 Red Plan, which now offers 10 GB of data for use in
Australia, up from 6 GB.

“Vodafone customers love data and our
network built for streaming,” Chee commented. “We’ve seen their usage
double over the last 12 months. Our new plans prove that you don’t have
to spend big to get the data you need.”