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LG Adds To Wireless Audio Line-Up With New Speakers

LG Adds To Wireless Audio Line-Up With New SpeakersLG’s Music Flow P5 and SoundPop 360 speakers are set to debut next month at IFA 2015 in Berlin, with LG stating both have been designed with both portability and sound quality in mind.

The P5, as part of LG’s Music Flow series, supports LG’s Auto Music Play feature, automatically beginning to play music when the audio source comes within range, and is equipped with a battery capable of providing up to 15 hours of continuous playback.

The SoundPop 360 sports an unconventional design inspired by a coffee tumbler, with LG stating it is “a perfect fit for any interior decorating scheme, blending in seamlessly with the user’s other furniture and appliances”.

The cylindrical SoundPop 360 has a 360 degree range and features 20 hours of battery life.

Both the P5 and SoundPop 360 feature Multi Point, allowing the speakers to be connected to multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously, and also Dual Play, allowing users to connect two LG Bluetooth speakers to one mobile device. The TV Sound Sync feature allows either speaker to be connected to a Bluetooth-compatible TV.

“No longer just focusing on the Internet of Things, LG is at the forefront of the ‘Internet of Audio’ era with the most comprehensive wireless audio ecosystem,” Min Byung-hoon, LG Home Entertainment Company audio-video division senior vice president, commented.

“To this end, we incorporated the highest quality audio technology and advanced networking system to connect our full range of audio products. Innovative new technologies such as our Wi-Fi connected Music Flow speakers are changing how listeners experience music in the digital age.”

LG has yet to release pricing and availability details for the speakers.