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Taking Music To The Pool: Monster Unveils Floatable Speaker

Taking Music To The Pool: Monster Unveils Floatable Speaker“Expanding today’s on-the-go musical universe”, as noted by “head monster” Noel Lee, the SuperStar can be used while showering, swimming or enjoying a day at the pool or beach.

The SuperStar delivers wireless stereo sound, and connects to any music device using a 3.5 mm Aux line-out, and is optimised for smartphones, tablets, notebooks and PCs. while built-in mics provide speakerphone functionality for taking conference calls via a smartphone.

“The super-compact SuperStar speakers offer clarity, dynamics, articulation, tight bass and sound pressure levels you’d only expect from a full-size loudspeaker,” Monster states.

“Highs that soar, sweet or sharp as the music requires, mid-band to make vocals sound real, with clarity, detail, transparency, attack, articulation and naturalness that you associate with high-end speakers.”

– DNA Pro 2.0 headphones

Monster is also demonstrating its new flagship Monster DNA Pro 2.0 headphones at CES.

The DNA Pro 2.0 features custom-designed drivers and enhanced Pure Monster Sound performance for “an unprecedented high-impact listening experience”.  

“The end result of new technology development, custom sound design and extensive testing, Monster DNA Pro 2.0 brings out the very best performance for all types of musical genres, from rock to country, pop to classical, hip hop to alternative, and everything in between,” Monster states of the DNA Pro 2.0.

An accompanying app, the Pure Monster Sound Experience app, is designed to maximise the performance of all types of music, designed to help capture the sonic characteristics, nuances and artistic intentions of different genres.

“After having designed so many headphones over the years, we never quite achieved the ultimate in dynamics, or clarity or transparency, although we had gotten really close,” Lee commented.

“Now, thanks to our new discoveries in technology, design and innovation, Monster DNA Pro 2.0 has finally achieved our ultimate goal. There’s never been a headphone sound like this before. It’s dynamic, clear and super powerful, with all the impact, energy and excitement of live music.”

– adidas Performance by Monster

Monster and adidas have teamed up to create the new adidas Performance by Monster line of high-performance headphones, designed for running and active lifestyles.

The line includes two in-ear models: the black wireless adidas Performance adistar Bluetooth ACT by Monster, and the dark grey/white adidas Performance Supernova ACT by Monster.

In addition, the line includes compact ear-bud models in the form of the grey/yellow adidas Performance Response by Monster, as well as basic grey/yellow and purple versions of the adidas Performance Response by Monster.

Monster states the line uses the “toughest, most durable materials and rock-solid construction to withstand the rigours of the most intense fitness and training routines”, with Monster’s patented SportClip design providing “maximised comfort and an unprecedented no-slip fit that helps ensure the headphones will not fall out no matter the conditions”.

– iSPORT Bluetooth Wireless Super Slim and the iSPORT Bluetooth Wireless

Monster has added to its iSPORT headphone family with its first-ever in-ear wireless models in the form of the iSPORT Bluetooth Wireless Super Slim and the iSPORT Bluetooth Wireless.

Monster states the integration of a flat battery and folded circuit board design makes the iSport Bluetooth Wireless Super Slim the “slimmest, lightest-weight wireless headphone available”.

“Both high-performance models boast a 50-foot wireless range and five hours of consistent playback time, and deliver high-quality sound every bit as powerful and realistic as wired headphones, plus full-frequency response to help active users achieve their workout goals,” Monster states.

“Both sweat-resistant models feature Monster’s patented ear-hooks and angled ear-tips for a secure fit for every ear shape, and ControlTalk on the connecting cable for hands-free calling and control.”