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Samsung: Galaxy Note 4 A Tough Unit

Samsung: Galaxy Note 4 A Tough UnitThe video, which follows not long after the iPhone ‘Bendgate’ controversy, shows the Note 4 being dropped from a number of heights and angles throughout a series of tests.

One test involves the Note 4 being dropped on solid granite with a rough surface.

Another test, the tumble test, is designed to simulate scenarios such as products falling down staircases.

Samsung notes devices are dropped several hundred times throughout the testing phase via automatic drop testing, repeatedly dropped to a hard metal floor at various heights and random angles.

Bendgate involved claims Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is prone to bending, with images surfacing of apparently bent models.

Responding to the claims, Apple stated the problem was rare, stating iPhones are manufactured for both aesthetics and strength.

Samsung has also encountered recent controversy in the form of ‘Gapgate’, with early adopters of the Note 4 noting a gap between the device’s screen and casing.

Samsung subsequently responded by stating the gaps do not impact the Note 4’s functionality or quality.

The Note 4, unveiled at the beginning of September, is being rolled out in global markets in October.